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Floppy Disk Builder

About the Floppy Disk Builder

Jaded Chicken offers a floppy disk creation service. We understand that there are people in need of floppy disks to help analyze and restore computers.

We can create bootable floppy disks with various content on them for PC's (dos disks) as well as Commodore 64 floppy disks.

The Floppy Disk Builder lets you pick and choose content for the disk. We have some software titles available in-house including freeware, shareware, and other freely distributable titles but you can also upload your own content and we will write it to your floppy and ship it off to you!

Remember, because you can ship your order to a different address than your own this is a simple and inexpensive way to create floppy disks as gifts to send to your friends and family!

To get started, use the tabs above to select whether you'd like to build a DOS disk or a Commodore 64 disk.

IBM PC (DOS) Floppy Disk

Some of the more popular shareware titles are available as ready-made items in the PC Games section. You'll also see a Windows 98se boot disk available there.

Note: the remaining capacity calculation is an estimate so try to keep a little wiggle room :)


(All | None)
  •   FORMAT.COM - Used to format other disks (including hard drives)
  •   FDISK.EXE - Used to create and manage disk partitions (needed to set up hard drives)
  •   PKUNZIP.EXE - Used to unzip .zip compressed files
  •   PKZIP.EXE - Used to create .zip compressed files
  •   SYS.COM - Used to make formatted disks (and hard drives) bootable
  •   CHKDSK.EXE - Check Disk, checks for bad sectors
  •   ATTRIB.EXE - Used to modify file attributes
  •   MEM.EXE - Used to view free RAM (memory) and what is loaded into memory

Shareware/Freeware Games:

  •   Archeodroid
  •   Blackjack
  •   Clyde's Adventures
  •   Commander Keen Invasion of the Vorticons (Standalone)
  •   Commander Keen 4 Goodbye Galaxy (Standalone)
  •   Dark Ages
  •   Dark Side
  •   Duke Nuke'm (Standalone)
  •   Dungeon!
  •   EGAINT Tetris Clone
  •   Electro Man
  •   Jeopardy
  •   Jill of the Jungle (Standalone)
  •   Jumpman
  •   Kingdom of Kroz (great for text-mode only PCs)
  •   Klondike Solitare
  •   The Monuments of Mars
  •   PC Man Pac-Man Clone
  •   Pharaoh's Tomb
  •   Scorched Earth
  •   ZZT (great for text-mode only PCs)

Your Uploads

Commodore 64 Floppy Disk

The builder for Commodore 64 works differently than the DOS builder. Rather than selecting or uploading individual files you select disk images you'd like for Side A and Side B of the floppy disk. You may upload disk image files (.d64) and tape image files (.t64) but please note that you will receive a floppy disk even if you uploaded a tape image, you will not receive a tape.

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