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About Jaded Chicken

What is Jaded Chicken?

This is an online store dealing with vintage (and almost but not quite vintage), usually used, consumer technology products. This includes video games, computers and computer software, gaming consoles, computer components, toys, games and books.

Why not just sell on EBay?

We started out selling on EBay with a store called "Divarin Computers and Games". Our customers were very happy (100% positive feedback) and we shipped a lot of items. Unfortunately EBay itself is a pain to deal with from the seller's perspective. There are numerous hidden fees, they randomly drop your listings, and other situations which ultimately led us to give up on trying to deal with EBay and go our own way.

Why do I see 'Estimated Package Size' on the Shopping Cart Page?

Our biggest problem with EBay, which affects both buyers and sellers, is how they deal with shipping. First, they consider any money collected for shipping to be profit and the seller is given a fee on that amount. Second they don't have a suitable system for calculating combined shipping so if you order 4 Atari 2600 games and the shipping on 1 game is $3.50 then you're charged $14.00 in shipping even though, obviously, as a seller we'd pack those together into a single package and the actual shipping cost might be $3.50 or slightly more.

There are numerous methods EBay sellers have come up with to deal with this including: giving refunds after the sale (ok for the buyer but the seller still pays a fee on the over-charged shipping), enabling a feature where the buyer can ask for the seller to calculate the shipping first and send an invoice (this feature doesn't work if you have any other kind of offers such as 10% off and when it does work it slows down the whole purchase process because you have to wait for the seller to get back to you), or just offering "free shipping" which is really a lie because there's no such thing as free shipping and as a seller you had no choice but to add the shipping cost into the item price, so ultimately the buyer ends up over paying on shipping anyway.

At Jaded Chicken we take a completely different approach to shipping. We calculate an estimate on shipping on the whole cart not individual items. To do this we do not record the shipping cost of each item but instead the size and weight of each item. Of course these measurements include a "buffer" to account for packing material.

Item Condition

Generally everything we sell has been tested by us, possibly refurbished by us, and definately cleaned by us. However sometimes we aquire items that we were unable to refurbish but which still has demand. If this happens the item description will make it clear that the item is non-functional.

There are also some items which we cannot test for whatever reason. If this happens the item description will make it clear that the item is un-tested.


We will accept returns within 30 days if you send the item back to us.

Where is Jaded Chicken

On the internet of course! If you want to know where your items will ship from that would be Cleveland, OH USA.

How can I get in contact with you?

The easiest way is to use the contact form. From there we will E-Mail you back.

Why "Jaded Chicken"?

Why not?